The richest man in the Russian Federation against a disabled person of the second group

Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Alexandra liked the house of three pensioners


As has learned, Andrei and Alexandra Melnichenko — the richest Russian in 2023 according to Forbes — and his wife are stealing real estate from the municipality of the Krasnodar Territory and evicting a group 2 disabled person and 3 pensioners to the street.

Андрей и Александра Мельниченко

One of the largest private companies in the Russian Federation, EuroChem JSC, which is registered in Switzerland, has already been in the news several times over the past year, for example, with the story of how Andrei Melnichenko transferred EuroChem JSC and SUEK to his wife Alexandra in just one day . At the same time, EuroChem JSC has significant assets in the Russian Federation and a labor potential of 26 thousand people. All these assets were acquired as a result of the privatization of Soviet enterprises and socio-cultural institutions. So, since 1988, on Dolgaya Spit, Dolzhanskaya village, a pioneer camp was built — a recreation center for workers of the then state enterprise of the RSFSR "Kovdor Mining and Processing Plant" and their families: residents of the city of Kovdor, Murmansk region. But with the arrival of Melnichenko, all social assets and promising production areas of this enterprise were frozen, illegally registered, and subsequently sold. This happened with the pioneer camp — a recreation center on the Dolgaya Spit: the coast of the Azov Sea, Krasnodar Territory.

Александра Мельниченко

In 1991, the state enterprise of the RSFSR "Kovdor Mining and Processing Plant" sent its employee (I.A. Yaremchenko) as director of the pioneer camp and health complex to the village of Dolzhanskaya to ensure the final stage of construction of the pioneer camp, the launch of the first stage of which was planned for the fourth quarter 1991. In accordance with the rules and laws of the RSFSR, this complex included a two-apartment residential building under construction for the employee’s family. The house was commissioned in 1994, and the whole family moved into the allocated housing on the basis of an order from the head of the district administration and a rental agreement for residential premises in the public and state housing stock of the RSFSR. The entire family is still registered and has lived in this home for more than 28 years, fully bearing the costs of maintaining the house and plot in proper condition.

In 1996, the enterprise became the Joint Stock Company "Kovdorsky Mining and Processing Plant" (JSC "Kovdorsky GOK"). According to the privatization plan of the Kovdor Mining and Processing Plant dated September 14, 1993. and subsequent approved amendments to this Plan in Appendix 2 “Act of assessment of the cost of unfinished capital construction...”, paragraph 13 lists the Pioneer camp, which includes a two-apartment residential building in the village of Dolzhanskaya. The same document from 1995 states that unfinished construction facilities should be transferred by the Kovdorsky GOK to the municipal ownership of the Yeisk district of the Krasnodar Territory, but this did not happen.

In 2001, Kovdorsky GOK JSC became part of the EuroChem Mineral and Chemical Company under the leadership of Andrey Melnichenko, and in 2007, Kovdorsky GOK JSC illegally registered these objects in Rosreestr. Thus, having illegally acquired ownership of a pioneer camp with a residential building and hiding it from the Yeisk District Administration, Kovdorsky GOK JSC gained the opportunity to subsequently sell these objects.

The Pioneer camp was sold to Kovdorsky GOK JSC in 2008. And the residential building was put up for sale on the Avito platform in the summer of 2023 for RUB 6,950,000. without VAT, together with us: the residents of this house.

Today, a former employee of the enterprise, who devoted 20 years to this work, is a pensioner, his wife is also a pensioner, and a group 2 disabled person and a pensioner also live in the house. Beginning in October 2022, the entire family was repeatedly subjected to threats and blackmail from employees of Kovdorsky GOK JSC and EuroChem JSC. On several occasions, heavy construction equipment was driven towards the house with the aim of destroying buildings in order to force residents to leave the house. And only the intervention of the prosecutor’s office was able to stop these attempts. In January 2023, employees of JSC Kovdor Mining and Processing Plant, having made sure that there were no capable residents in the house, broke into the territory of the house, causing damage to other people’s property. Having not discovered any violations on the territory of the house by the residents living in it, on January 26, 2023, employees of Kovdorsky GOK JSC filed a claim with the Yeisk District Court for the eviction of all registered residents of the house from the premises. They stated the new edition of the employment contract as the basis for this claim. This document never existed and the signatures of the former employee in it turned out to be forged, which was proven by a forensic handwriting examination, the results of which are in the materials of this case.

The founder of the plaintiff — Joint Stock Company "Kovdorsky GOK" is JSC MCC EuroChem Company EuroChem Group AG (EuroChem Group AG), registered in accordance with the laws of the Swiss Confederation on July 17, 2014 for registration number CHE-306.864.578, location – Baarerstrasse 37, 6300 Zug, Switzerland (Baarerstrasse 37, 6300 Zug, Switzerland); TIN 9909418560), which is managed from the state of Switzerland.

Thus, a legal entity managed from Switzerland is trying to evict elderly citizens of the Russian Federation — pensioners who do not have other housing — from a residential building in the border territory of the Russian Federation, using false documents.

The Yeisk District Court, in the presence of the Yeisk Interdistrict Prosecutor, decided to refuse to satisfy the claims of Kovdorsky GOK JSC against a former employee and his family.

But neither the decision of the court of first instance, nor the objections of the Yeisk Interdistrict Prosecutor’s Office to the appeal, nor the forged signatures and documents by employees of Kovdorsky GOK JSC, nor documents from Rosreestr confirming the illegality of registration of these real estate objects, nor the arguments of the defendants’ lawyer prevented the Krasnodar Regional Court from the person of Ponomareva L.E., who, by the way, hides her income, cancel the decision of the court of first instance completely and make a decision on the eviction of a disabled person of group 2 and 3 pensioners from a residential building without providing other housing.

Alexey Ermakov