Club" lucky wives " Elena Skrynnik

The investigative Committee of Russia instructed to check information about the illegal actions of the former head of the Department "K" of the FSB General Viktor Voronin to the investigative group on the case of his former subordinates arrested the former heads of the banking Department of the FSB of Cherkalin Kirill and Dmitry Frolov. This is reported by RBC, with reference to the Department’s response to the appeal of businessman Alexei Bazhanov, formerly Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia. Minister in that period was Elena Skrynnik, which, according there was one roof with her good friend Bazhanov – Victor Voronin. The most frequently Skrynnik had contact with the "right hand" Valentine by Voronin Monasterevin, who is now under arrest. Now Elena Borisovna actively helps Bazhanov, but in full growth "shines" in this story does not want. This may interfere with her informal club of "lucky wives", which includes officials and spouses of officials, including Tatiana Navka.

In March 2009, immediately after the appointment of Minister Elena Skrynnik, Alexey Bazhanov flew to the chair of Deputy Minister of agriculture. Already in 2010 Bazhanov returned to the oil business , became Vice-President of the Association of financial and industrial groups of Russia (2010-2011). And then became a defendant in a criminal case. Its essence is this: from March 2008 to July 2009, during the period of the conquest they career heights in the Ministry of agriculture, the Corporation Rosagroleasing entered into contracts with "Masloprodukt-Bio" on the purchase of equipment for the oil plant of the Voronezh firm "Vita", which listed 1,125 billion rubles. On contracts-signatures of Bazhanov from "masloprodukt-Bio" and Elena Skrynnik from Rosagroleasing. The money was transferred to the accounts of affiliated companies and cashed, "masloprodukt" and "Vita" reported on their successful development and supply of equipment, but no money, no equipment, no one else saw.

In total, according to such an elementary scheme, the Russian state in the person of Mrs. Skrynnik was taken right from under the nose of 38 billion. In 2012, cases were initiated. Elena Skrynnik moved to her beloved France, where she sent letters to investigators that she could not appear for questioning. Bazhanov was arrested in the spring of 2013. After leaving jail on his own recognizance, he went to the UK and was put on the international wanted list.

As pointed out in their statements Bazhanov claims that his former business partner, Arkady Fasman and his friend the head of Department To Viktor Voronin overcame a number of assets.

Fosman together with the sister of General Voronin Larisa Voronina is a co-owner of LLC "company " Good", says Bazhanov. According to the SPARK database, Larisa Gennadyevna Voronina owns 10% of LLC "company " Good".

According to RBC, in early 2014, law enforcement agencies accused Bazhanov of stealing more than 10 billion rubles of loans from the Bank, taken by the structures of "Masloprodukt" on the security of property. He denies the charges. According to the businessman, FSB employees were interested in the activities of the Minister of agriculture Elena Skrynnik.

Sources told his version of events. According to her, Elena Skrynnik has always been under the close tutelage of Viktor Voronin. He rarely indulged her with personal attention. But with the "right hand" Valentine by Voronin Monasterevin Skrynnik communicated on a regular basis. Under the same "roof" fell and all its partners in the "dark deeds", such as Alexei Bazhanov. So for the last Voronin, Gontarev and close them Dmitry Frolov was well familiar people.

It is thanks to this "roof" Skrynnik, despite a lot of criminal cases involving her, did not get into jail. As Bazhanov. Even when Voronin lost his position in the FSB, it Gontarev and Frolov did a cover Elena Borisovna. Through their efforts, the Prosecutor General’s office has not transferred any materials to Switzerland, whose authorities conducted their investigation against Skrynnik and froze her accounts for 70 million Swiss francs. It is because of the fact that the Prosecutor General’s office did not cooperate with Switzerland, the latter country was simply forced to suspend the investigation against Skrynnik.

When the Swiss began to deal with the "dirty" money of the ex — Minister of agriculture, Elena Borisovna became dangerous to be in Europe. Leaving behind her husband, Alfonso and ex-singer of the group "Revolvers" Dmitry Belonosova, Skrynnik has returned to Russia under the "wing" of Voronin and Gontareva. The first is not awarded ex-the Minister of special attention, but Gontarev and Frolov, according to sources undertook to plead for the Minister of agriculture. And she had a lot of problems. Because of the hype with criminal cases, with the arrest of accounts in Switzerland, Skrynnik was expelled from United Russia. The main thing — began to fall apart so beloved Skrynnik club "wives of the first persons" or "lucky wives" (as it called itself ex-Minister). Skrynnik has a network of aesthetic centers, whose regular customers are wives, mistresses of officials of the first row or female officials themselves. With such VIP-clients always communicated personally Skrynnik, communication flowed into friendship, joint gatherings, parties. The lucky wives club. Skrynnik even built a theory that the club deal with many personnel issues, the fate of a large budget.

After the criminal cases and the exclusion of Skrynnik from the "United Russia", the number of members of the club began to thin, until there are almost no members left. According to sources especially Skrynnik was worried about cooling for my best friends – Tatiana Navka (now the wife of press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov) and Tatiana Golikova (now Deputy Prime Minister). Gontarev and Frolov was first made to the Minister of agriculture had no issues at security forces. And then another, helped to restore the reputation, beloved Pastor and speaker returned to the club. However, it was worth Skrynnik huge amount bags of dollars, one after another went Gontareva and Frolov. Had to give and assets, such as that wrung from Bazhanov. Skrynnik was offended because of the volume of financial requests and disrespectful interactions with her (Gontarev frankly it is not respected). And now here is decided to settle scores with former patrons of through his longstanding friend Bazhanov.

To be continued

Timothy Grishin